GMOs, a “Trojan Horse” for more agrochemicals use and their link to COVID-19

Good people, the month of August 2020, is here with us and with it the rising cases of COVID-19, both in terms of new cases (incidence) and cumulative cases (prevalence), across the entire globe. COVID-19 is, apparently a “gain of function research” virus product which apparently, displays “monster virus” aka chimeric virus properties. Read here: appears to be genetically modified from the original “flu’ corona family of viruses, as found in wild bats.

 This month’s article is a follow up from last month’s article,  It seeks to demonstrate the nefarious reasons behind “inventing” GMO seeds and plants through “silencing” enzymes in natural plants(which die when sprayed with herbicides) to enable “lab designed” seeds aka genetically modified seeds (GMOs), to withstand the herbicides and use MORE of them(agrochemicals), while at the same time enabling the “inventors” of the “novel seeds” to lay claim on the new seeds by way of patents! That way they claim “ownership of seeds” and “force” farmers not only to buy their more expensive modified seeds, every season (instead of sharing and using the free natural seeds) but also to buy the equally expensive agrochemical inputs required to grow these “toxic foods”!! What an innovative and effective marketing and sales strategy! These “merchants of death” have their guns trained on Africa and African small scale farmers, in the pretext of “food security”.

Someone asked this question; “Daktari are GMOs harmful to human health without pesticides?” Of course, they are: There is more than enough scientific evidence of their allergenic, immunogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic and endocrine disrupting effects, on their own, without use with pesticides and herbicides: Here is a good place to find the science:

 GMO and the “toxic foods” which are consumed, among other harmful effects, weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to COVID-19 infections and disease! Need evidence? The USA and Brazil are the leading producers and consumers of GMO foods in the world. Is it mere coincidence that they are also no. 1 and no. 2, respectively, in COVID-19 infections and mortality, globally, to date? It is not a coincidence. There is a link between GMO foods and COVID-19.

Do we have evidence of the link between GMOs, increased agrochemicals use, especially glyphosate based herbicides (GBH) and increased susceptibility to COVID-19? Of course, we do. Emerging epidemiological and clinical evidence shows that COVID-19 infections and disease are more common in people with co-morbidities, like diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) and cancers, among other chronic diseases. A key causative factor (or strong correlation) to these chronic diseases is consumption of GMO foods and foods with high levels of agrochemical residues, especially glyphosate  based herbicides(GBH) like Roundup weed killer and other toxic residues in food: This article, among many others, provides solid evidence of the link between glyphosate in GBH as a pathway to chronic diseases which, in turn makes one more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection and disease, often with more severe outcomes, in those with non-communicable diseases(NCDs):

It is important to reiterate that the relationship between GMOs and agrochemicals is synergistic and in some cases symbiotic. The two are “partners in crime”! As explained earlier the “creators” of GMOs were evil geniuses in that they created GMOs that were specifically designed to, not only cause health damage on their own, but also enable toxic chemicals grow the GMO seeds into toxic plants! The motivation, of course, is to make MORE money by selling both the expensive GMO seeds and the agrochemicals, like GBH. As evidence of that fact, the most widespread GMO stacked traits of GMOs, globally, are those which include the herbicide tolerant (HT) trait in maize, soya and cotton GMO traits. Guess what the herbicide of choice has been, for the last 40 years, from which Monsanto, now Bayer-Monsanto, has made (and continues to make) billions of dollars from? Yes. Glyphosate and glyphosate based herbicides, including Roundup Weed killer! To quote from a publication by Dr. Charles Benbrooke,” Genetically engineered herbicide-tolerant crops now account for about 56 % of global glyphosate use, globally”.

From the shared evidence, one does not need any more evidence that GMO are “Trojan Horses” for using more agrochemicals, especially glyphosate (and GBH) and that, they have harmful effects on human health, including  increased susceptibility and vulnerability to COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the “merchants of death” camouflaged as multinational agrochemical corporations, are busy with their aggressive and relentless push for MORE GMOs in Africa, lead by South Africa, which incidentally, also has one of the fastest rising cases and deaths from COVID-19!

 In Brazil, to provide more examples of the “GMO Trojan Horse” strategy, even as the infections and death toll increases. agrochemical companies, in cahoots with corrupt policy makers and regulators, are busy approving even more toxic agrochemicals, for agricultural use, despite knowing their harmful effects on biodiversity and human health: In Brazil, for example, since the pandemic began, in only two months period of 2020, 118 new pesticides have been approved for use; this is more than the total number approved the whole of 2019! One can see the murderous intentions of these “merchants of death” and why GMOs are “The Trojan Horse” for more pesticides use.

Coming closer home in Africa, there is a deliberate push to introduce GMOs in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya Malawi, of course, starting with the “less harmful” Bt. Cotton  knowing very well their eyes are trained on the ultimate price; Maize, the African staple food!  Now, you, the reader, knows the “aggressive push for GMOs” has nothing to do with “food security” but everything to do with “The Trojan Horse” aka GMO and MORE use of toxic agrochemicals for profits and control of the seed and food industry. The intention is to depopulate Africa and reduce its fertility and  its population while targeting Africa’s rich soils and mineral resources. The agenda is camouflaged as philanthropy and improving healthcare by some Foundations. You know them!

Now that we know how GMOs and agrochemical are joined at the hip and how their harmful toxic effects are synergistic, do we have alternative ways of accessing seed and safer inputs to grow food? Of course we do.  There are better and safer alternatives which include sharing natural local varieties of seeds, handed down from generation to generation, that have genetic “knowledge” that makes them resilient and able to withstand local pests and diseases, in a harmonious co-existence. The author this article will discuss the principle of “co-existence” in a future blog article, but suffice is to say, that agroecological food production and consumption food systems are a scientifically and socio-culturally proven alternative pathway to achieving not only food security but also food sovereignity, in Africa and indeed the rest of the world.

Finally, have a listen to this video, of Dr. Peter Mokaya, creating awareness on the need to reduce agrochemicals in the potato industry; sharing with potato farmers, business people and potato consumers.

NB: Remember to EAT RIGHT, stay safe!