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This month of March, 2024, we continue showcasing successful organic enterprises and market access examples. We share an example of a local Organic Market which serves as an outlet for organic farmers to sell their farm produce and other value-added products, to consumers, in a typical ‘old school’ market set-up, with additional examples.

  • Have a listen to this short video recording by the article author which captures the ‘spirit of the marketplace’ at the Kilimani Organic Market;
  • In addition to Kilimani Organic Market, featured in this article, there are several other organic markets in and around the city of Nairobi, for example, Karen Organic Market captured here:
  • Readers will notice this month’s article is unusually short; This is in response to readership feedback which suggest less words and more visuals.
  • Going forward we would appreciate your feedback on why this trend, what you need to hear from us more and how you prefer this information to be packaged to achieve the intended outcome of awareness creation.
  • The ultimate intent is behavior change that is supportive of agroecology in general and specifically adoption and participation in different value addition aspects of the organic value chain; from bio-inputs production (bio-fertilizers, biopesticides and organic seeds) , bulking and supply to traditional markets and supermarkets to innovative organic enterprises, which include eco-tourist resorts.
  • We conclude this article, which comes during the Easter Season, by sharing one example of an organic eco-tourist resort by Lake Victoria, the PIKIDI Gardens:
  • Enjoy⯑

The month of February 2024 is here and about gone. February has witnessed a heat wave coupled with sudden rains in some parts of the country. In this month’s series of local examples of successful Organic Enterprises we feature BrookVeg Farm Ltd which is on the outskirts of the city of Nairobi.

  • This month we continue with showcasing successful value add organic enterprises and feature the BrookVeg Ltd. Farm on the outskirts of Nairobi, in Juja, Kiambu County.
  • The team of Organic Consumers Alliance (OCA) certification experts who recently visited the farm, upon invitation, for organic certification (to qualify for the Kilimohai Mark of quality) which is a KOAN/KEBs approved organic quality certification-EAOPS 456) were greatly impressed with compliance with key organic production standards of the farm.
  • Have a listen to this short video of the Farm:

  • As you can see and hear from the video clip, this is a successful wholly organic farming enterprise which has been converting from conventional farming to organic farming, over the last few years, with remarkable success. The BrookVeg Farm stands out because of has put in place well-structured internal control systems (ICS) with a well laid out strategic and growth plan, overseen by a team of dedicated staff and a young and passionate leadership.
  • Among the highlights of BrookVeg Farm Ltd is their well planned and laid out value addition proposition masterplan.
  • During the last few months interesting development related to promoting and expanding the organic space have unfolded; This include the recent endorsement of the value of organic herbal medicines in treating various ailments (listen to short video of King Charles), the health benefits of coffee drinking (especially organic coffee) and the journey towards organic coffee specialty outlets in Nairobi and environs as part of advancing ‘Goodness and Wellness’…concluding with great Coffee Jazz music!

  • https://www.brighteon.com/d201397b-a4d4-4ea0-aa41-151eb0616d59 


Finally, December 2023 is almost gone and with it the end of the year 2023. For some of us, it’s been a tough year…we lost loved ones…

Thank you all, the loyal readers and followers…we have been together for many years, some of you as far back as 2015, when this blog page was at its infancy. Once again, thank you.

  • This month’s article is different…more videos…seems the preferred way information is gathered and shared out is changing – drastically- there are now Artificial Intelligence(AI) tools, like ChatGPTthat are drastically changing how information is gathered and communicated…part of the evidence of the ‘dark cloud on the horizon…’? Read on…
  • The coordinated shift away from nature into the realm of artificial intelligence culminating in the recent announcement from OpenAI,a Microsoft Company, that machines can now process information to a level of expressing intelligent actions including self-upgrades, fits well with a planned extermination of humans…
  • Most of the human population is increasingly considered ‘useless eaters’, … Globalist Elite believe, falsely, that the world is overpopulated…a false ’Climate Change’ proxy strategy…join the dots and watch governments fall into the trap.
  • Robots with AI are already doing the tasks previously done by factory workers, shop attendants, security officers, bankers, lawyers and even doctors, in the healthcare industry. Is it a coincidence that the same Elites funding these digital revolution are also the same involved in promoting GMO foods, use of synthetic pesticides and synthetic Vaccines, including the recently synthesized and patented mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna ) for COVID-19 manenos!
  • For more on Vaccines, Pesticides use and GMOs, refer to previous articles on this blog on the experimental use of gene-editing technology in creating GMOs seeds and mRNA vaccines and more recently, in ‘artificial meat’ production by the same Global Elites…notice how the SAME names keep showing up?
  • Early in 2000 when some of us cautioned on the safety of these COVID-19vaccines, we were labelled anti-vaxxers and demonized…but guess what? The scientific evidence has vindicated us…it seems the agenda of the new virus and the vaccines was to create more sickness and deaths…and of course, while making huge profits!
  • Listen to Dr. Peter Mcollough, a leading cardiologist and epidemiologist present the facts to the European Union Parliament:
  • What other evidence do we have that world bodies like the UN and WHO may be part of the planned extermination agenda? There is evidence that these bodies are increasingly abdicating their roles and singing to the tune of their private funders, including the Bill Gates Foundation. Unfortunately, the World Health Organization (WHO) is, evidently, one such proxy entity!
  • There is evidence(refer to earlier videos) of WHO working in cahoots with private corporate interest against the interest of humanity . Other than supporting the use of harmful COVID-19 vaccines, WHO is now promoting the ban of meat and related natural farming activities which is the mainstay of many communities practicing the principles of natural and agroecological farming integrated approaches.
  • The pieces are falling into place…can you now seeing the connection with the owners of Artificial Intelligence, Vaccines and GMOs and their Anti-Human Agendaof destroying the natural blend of plant and animal co-existence?

Here is the evidence.  Have a read: https://thepeoplesvoice.tv/who-orders-world-governments-to-ban-meat-products-to-prevent-the-next-pandemic/

  • Now that we have provided some evidence of the planned extermination of humanity, is there any HOPE and if so, where is the evidence of that alternative future which embraces divinity (we know this intuitively), love and goodness?
  • YES, there is HOPE…do you agree with Francesco Garripolli? If so, do your part of spreading truth and dancing with Francesco…here have a listen

Finally, here is to a hopeful and peaceful 2024 informed by love and humanness…

January 2024 is here and with it a fresh start: A fresh start with a focus on showcasing and documenting successful agroecological enterprises and related value add products and services.

  • Going forward, the focus is a shift away from, just providing evidence that agroecological farming(and food production systems)provide multiple solutions  to the ‘quadruple burdenof;  climate change, degeneration of biodiversity and environmental degradation, the rising burden of non-communicable diseases and increasing hunger and poverty, to examples of successful income generation and value addition investments.
  • Agroecological organic enterprisesand related value chain businessescan uplift livelihoods - put money in the pockets of organic farmers  - through sustainable profit-making enterprises, including eco-tourism. 
  • Beginning this year, the blog articles shift focus towards showcasing and documenting work in progress and successful case studies of such enterprises.
  • As an introduction to showcasing, find a few examples of agroecological organic enterprises as follows:
  • EKOM Organic Farm and WellCare Resort
  • Pikidi Gardens: Located in Uhoma Beach, Lake Victoria, in Siaya County of Kenya, an example of the emerging trend of organic eco-tourism

  • Henri's Boma(and Culture Centre): An example of the interface between restoration of African cultures and traditions with regenerative organic food production: An emerging educational hubdeep in the Nyamira countryside:
  • Naro Moru Cabin: Finally, for this month, another example of the emerging agroecological eco-tourism: Restoring the environment, feeding guests with healthy organic foods while making ‘green money’
  • As next steps, we at Organic Consumers Alliance(OCA) intend to share more entrepreneurial agroecological examples while partnering with like minded organizations and people, such as the Agroecology Fund https://www.agroecologyfund.org/

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