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Today is the last day of July, 2022 and with it, in Kenya, we usher in the home run for elections which will be held on August 9th: While we wish for the best man to win, we note that politicians, from both sides of the divide, have given the issue of food security only lip service,even much less so made the connection between the rising rates of cancers and other non-communicable diseases with the increasing use of synthetic agrochemicals in food production.

  • In this month’s article, we explain the connection between the increasing use of synthetic agrochemicals in food production with the increasing cases of cancers, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
  • Increasing use of agrochemicals in food production is the “Elephant in the House” that is causing the increasing destruction of soil life and ill health in people.
  • Is there evidence that agrochemicals, especially glyphosate, which is the most used agrochemical ingredient in herbicides and pesticides, is linked to cancers?


  • The author of this article, in a recently televised discussion, explains the connection between increasing use of agrochemicals and the increasing burden of NCDs. Have a listen here:
  • To reinforce the evidence of the link between increasing use of agrochemicals and rising disease burden of NCDs, Dr. Vandana Shiva, eloquently, explains who the  greedy “polluters” are and why farmers and consumers need to rise up against these anti-nature forces. Listen in here:

In view of the evidence shared on why agrochemicals are the “Elephant in the House” and who is deliberately “poisoning” our soils which in turn are poisoning the food we consume, what should we do to avert this crime against humanity and save humanity from the rising burden of non-communicable diseases and the resulting pre-mature deaths?

  • The answer is very simple in theory but challenging in reality....why?
  • This is due to the powerful forces behind the use of synthetic agrochemicals and GMO patented seeds to “force feed” humanity in concerted efforts AGAINST nature’s creative genius and power of self regeneration.
  • Few people could express this clarion call to action better than Sadhguru;

The month of June is almost gone and with it the intensification of the cold season.

 Besides the cold weather what else is happening?

It is elections season in Kenya...may the best team win. While all this political theatrics is unfolding, it is abundantly clear from their manifestos that the issue of food security, which includes food safety, is hardly given any prominence despite its far reaching implications not only on food security but also on the health of the population: There is no mention by the key political parties of their position regarding the introduction of GMOs which have controversial safety concerns.

  • Note that although this article focuses on the obtaining situation in Kenya, it is not unlike most African countries in terms of the increasing external pressure to allow GMO seeds and commercialization of the same into their local food chains. The concerns discussed can therefore be extrapolated to the East Africa Community (EAC) which now includes DRC Congo, covering a cumulative target population of close to 300 million people...that is equivalent to the US population!
  • This month’s article outlines key safety concerns and recommends alternative ways to ensure food security, food safety and the health and wellbeing of Kenyans, including reversing the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
  • In last month’s (May) blog article, the author outlined how the “Putin War” is making worse the already bad situation of what we have referred to as the “Quadruple Crises” which includes; worsening Climate Change, Biodiversity loss(partly from introduction of GMOs), increasing Food Insecurity(and related deepening Poverty) and the increasing burden of NCDs... have you noticed how almost every 3rd person has diabetes and how cancers are ravaging individuals, families, communities and straining the health care systems?
  • Before we delve into the concern of GMOs being sneaked into the local food system, some background of the state of affairs of the GMO Resistance Movement against the “Goliaths” aka Big Agric(in cahoot with Big Pharma!) who are supported by powerful Western nations, is in order. These Nations policymakers and their business proxies own GMO patented seed Corporations whose intent is to CONTROL global food production and food supplies as a means of consolidation of power, using food as a weapon of subjugation and manipulation.

GMO cows and their meat will soon be on your dining table! Does humanity have a choice?

March 2022 is here and just about to go...

Last month’s blog article was titled “Are COVID-19 vaccines causing more harm than good? The convergence of toxicity...” You can find out more on this article via this link

This month’s article continues the discussion on the convergence of toxicity, but this time titled “GMO cows and meat will soon be on your dining table!”

The month of May is here (April somehow slipped by...) and with it no evidence of the so called Putin War abating....this is no ordinary war....it has started manifesting ominous socioeconomic effects with both local and global ramifications.

This month’s article, shifts away from the issue of GMO cows and related meats, as discussed in the article of March here: https://organicconsumersalliance.org/our-blog/174-gmo-cows-and-their-meat-will-soon-be-on-your-dining-table-does-humanity-have-a-choice-4.html  to big picture issues of “the convergence of toxicity” with a focus on the so called “Putin War” and its attendant geopolitical and socioeconomic ramifications for Africa.

  • To get an overview of the situation, let us begin with this video of the evidence based projections from Gravitas Plus on the dire situation likely to manifest in many African countries, as a result of the “Putin War” which is likely to worsen the already existing indebtedness to China and Western institutions, by many African countries. Have a listen here:
  • As you can see and hear from the video, the situation is dire and unless corrective measures are put in place, it is likely to morph into something akin to an “apocalypse” in the words of the governor of Bank of England, as described herein: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-05-18-apocalyptic-global-food-shortages-warns-bank-england.html#

What is the way forward? Is there hope? What is the role of agroecological organic food production systems and related value add farming in mitigating the impending food shortages and related financial catastrophe?

  • The author of this article, Dr. Peter Mokaya, suggests some specific agroecological food production and value add interventions, citing specific success stories and “case studies” which, if scaled up, can provide solutions to the worsening food insecurity in Africa. Have a listen:
  • The “convergence of toxicity” mentioned earlier in this article(and discussed in detail in previous blog articles), is composed of four interrelated global crises, namely, increasing food insecurity(and rising poverty); increasing indebtedness and impending financial systems collapse; increasing soil degradation - from use of toxic synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds...these increase loss of biodiversity and with resultant climate change; and the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases(NCDs). The “Putin War” is only making the African situation more desperate.
  • The optimism of the author of this article is reinforced by the brilliant and potentially impactful message from the President of the African Development Bank, ...that Africa can not only feed itself, but can also add value to its raw products, like cocoa, coffee and tea, through industrialization, and save over USD 100 billion that Africa is currently spending importing food, which it does NOT need to import! Have a listen:
  • Going forward, therefore, the “Putin War” while posing an existential and “apocalyptic threat” to human existence, in general and specifically to African countries, there is HOPE....with Africa having over 60% of the world's arable land and the soil underneath, if put into well managed agroecological organic farming(and related value addition), it can not only feed itself sustainably, but also pull the continent out of poverty and propel it into great health and prosperity.
  • YES, we can. Comments and feedback are welcome.

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