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The month of October is about gone and with it a ray of hope that the COVID-19 Pandemic is abating or is it? There are many lessons we have learned over the last almost two years from this unprecedented pandemic. Never before in the history of humankind have so many lessons being learnt in such a short time. How do these lessons relate to soil health?

The month of September 2021 is just about gone but not without a well deserved pause; to take stock of how things have changed, some drastically, with the seemingly endless COVID-19 pandemic. How does the world end this “pandemic”? From the lenses of a Public Health Epidemiologist and Wellness Advocate, it is nothing short of astonishing how the WHO and the global health community has blatantly ignored and neglected the role of safe, diverse, local and healthy African Indigenous vegetables and related nutritional interventions in the fight against COVID-19.

The month of August 2021 is about gone but not the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the raging pandemic life has continued to unfold. WHO and governments world over should be lauded for their concerted efforts in managing COVID-19. Unfortunately, the singular intervention appears to be “vaccinate, vaccinate. .. a jab in every arm” as the ONLY intervention!

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