A Local Organic Market outlet for farmers and value-added organic products and services: Examples of successful organic enterprises

This month of March, 2024, we continue showcasing successful organic enterprises and market access examples. We share an example of a local Organic Market which serves as an outlet for organic farmers to sell their farm produce and other value-added products, to consumers, in a typical ‘old school’ market set-up, with additional examples.

  • Have a listen to this short video recording by the article author which captures the ‘spirit of the marketplace’ at the Kilimani Organic Market;
  • In addition to Kilimani Organic Market, featured in this article, there are several other organic markets in and around the city of Nairobi, for example, Karen Organic Market captured here:
  • Readers will notice this month’s article is unusually short; This is in response to readership feedback which suggest less words and more visuals.
  • Going forward we would appreciate your feedback on why this trend, what you need to hear from us more and how you prefer this information to be packaged to achieve the intended outcome of awareness creation.
  • The ultimate intent is behavior change that is supportive of agroecology in general and specifically adoption and participation in different value addition aspects of the organic value chain; from bio-inputs production (bio-fertilizers, biopesticides and organic seeds) , bulking and supply to traditional markets and supermarkets to innovative organic enterprises, which include eco-tourist resorts.
  • We conclude this article, which comes during the Easter Season, by sharing one example of an organic eco-tourist resort by Lake Victoria, the PIKIDI Gardens:
  • Enjoy⯑