A focus on economically viable organic enterprises: Documenting and show casing local agroecological investments.

January 2024 is here and with it a fresh start: A fresh start with a focus on showcasing and documenting successful agroecological enterprises and related value add products and services.

Going forward, the focus is a shift away from, just providing evidence that agroecological farming(and food production systems)provide multiple solutions  to the ‘quadruple burdenof;  climate change, degeneration of biodiversity and environmental degradation, the rising burden of non-communicable diseases and increasing hunger and poverty, to examples of successful income generation and value addition investments.

  • Agroecological organic enterprises and related value chain businesses can uplift livelihoods - put money in the pockets of organic farmers  - through sustainable profit-making enterprises, including eco-tourism. 
  • Beginning this year, the blog articles shift focus towards showcasing and documenting work in progress and successful case studies of such enterprises.
  • As an introduction to showcasing, find a few examples of agroecological organic enterprises as follows:
  • EKOM Organic Farm and WellCare Resort
  • Pikidi Gardens: Located in Uhoma Beach, Lake Victoria, in Siaya County of Kenya, an example of the emerging trend of organic eco-tourism

  • Henri's Boma(and Culture Centre): An example of the interface between restoration of African cultures and traditions with regenerative organic food production: An emerging educational hubdeep in the Nyamira countryside:
  • Naro Moru Cabin: Finally, for this month, another example of the emerging agroecological eco-tourism: Restoring the environment, feeding guests with healthy organic foods while making ‘green money’
  • As next steps, we at Organic Consumers Alliance(OCA) intend to share more entrepreneurial agroecological examples while partnering with like minded organizations and people, such as the Agroecology Fund https://www.agroecologyfund.org/