Showcasing Munyaka Meadows Organic Farm: A success story

The month of April 2024 has come and is almost gone. A notable happening is the ‘unusually high’ rainfall which has caused floods and flooding… especially in and around the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya… in addition to causing destruction and havoc in many parts of the country. Farmers and farming activities have not been spared.

Amidst all this apparent mayhem there is an upside to the rains…this upside includes plenty of greenery with lush green landscapes and flourishing farms. These include Munyaka Meadows Organic Farm which is showcased and featured in this month’s blog article.

  • For starters, incase one wishes to visit Munyaka Meadows Organic Farm, here is how one can get there:
  • A pair of Organic Consumers Alliance(OCA) Organic certifiers(for Kilimohai Mark of quality), paid a recent visit to Munyaka Meadows Organic Farm for a follow-up audit; the first was in 2019 December, during which this picture……. was taken.

  • The purpose of this month’s article is to showcase the success story of Munyaka Meadows Organic Farm(and soon a WellCare Centre) as a successful organic enterprise, as part of the on-going series of successful local organic enterprises that are not only putting healthy foods on the tables of surrounding communities but also ‘putting money in the pockets’ of organic value chain actors. In this case, the family of Dr. Peter Wainaina Kamau, who has successfully demonstrated that you can take an almost barren piece of land, on the outskirts of a big city and convert it into an income generating enterprise, by enriching the almost barren land into an organic paradise.
  • What is the evidence that, over 4 years later, what was once a ‘nothing to show for’ abandoned farmland, with hardly any yields, whose soil was contaminated by overuse of synthetic fertilizers and harsh herbicides/pesticides, is now fertile organic farm with a wide range and diversity of crops and animals… feeding the household with healthy foods but with enough to sell and make money while also contributing to the ecosystem landscape health. 

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