A revisit of the harmful effects of Glyphosate aka Roundup Weed killer: Is there a synergistic effect between glyphosate based herbicides (GBH) and COVID-19?

Good people, the month of July, 2020, is here with us and with it uncertainty and mounting anxiety on how to deal with Covid19 and its worsening health and socio-economic impact.

This article seeks to remind the readership of the central role of a well functioning immune system in “treating” over 90% of Covid19 infections(especially in Africa)...the immune system is the unsung hero in the fight against Covid19.

It further seeks to highlight the toxic effects of Roundup and other glyphosate based herbicides (GBH), including how they weaken the immune system. It also seeks to explore the connection between the harmful effects of GBH, including causing various cancers, in addition to  damaging human micro-biota with resultant weakening of the immune system and how this could increase vulnerability to Covid19 infections.


The range of negative effects of glyphosate starts from destruction of useful soil micro-organisms, chelating (binding) soil trace elements, killing of pollinator bees, use as a desiccant, before harvesting of various crops especially wheat, as a broad spectrum antibiotic in animal and human guts, selective killing of the “good gut bacteria”, causation of fatty liver, endocrine and reproductive dysfunction, to neurotoxicity and related mental dysfunctions. The list of harmful effects is almost endless....the pernicious and “stealth like” harm caused by this synthetic version of the amino acid, glycine, has earned it the nick name of the “Devils Molecule” by some scientists! Here is below is why:

  • For many years farmers, consumers and environmentalists could not make the connection between glyphosate and GMOs and their negative impacts. Dr. Thierry Vran, a reknown soil scientists and formerly “an insider” of the working of Monsanto, explains the spectrum of harm that glyphosate causes; ranging from soil damage to human gut damage: This water soluble molecule, glyphosate, which is a synthetic form of the amino acid, glycine, has an unusual capacity to cause widespread harm. Dr. Thierry Vran explains in this illuminating presentation:
  • The Siamese twin relationship between GMOs and glyphosate with its aggressive marketing for the African market as a solution to food security. The reality, however, is that the patented GMOs and glyphosate are more about controlling the seed and pesticides markets to reap huge profits for the monolithic multinational corporations who, increasingly, control the seed, pesticide  and food industry: Bayer Monsanto work with cleverly work with academics and national research institutions to achieve their nefarious agenda: Have a listen how they do this:
  • Over decades, profit interest were put before public health interest by Monsanto(now Bayer) with their populous herbicide, Roundup(and other GBHs) which is, by far, the most widespread use herbicide, resulting in untold human suffering including causing cancers. The recent cases of court action, like that of Dewayne Johnson, with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, have put a global spotlight on the dangers of glyphosate and GBH:
  • Following the historic DeWayne Johnson case, a couple who both got cancer as a result of many years of using GBH, on their farm, also sued Bayer-Monsanto and won the case: Listen in on their favorable ruling here:

The above summaries capture the broad spectrum harmful effects of glyphosate.  Recent and ongoing cases of punitive awards against Bayer Monsanto, are proof of culpability,  including the most recent award of a staggering US 10 billion dollars: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/06/24/bayer-maker-roundup-weedkiller-agrees-pay-10-billion-cancer-settlements/

One may ask whether there are any published scientific evidence, in peer reviewed journals, to back up all these claims; Yes indeed. Here are some:

  • While Bayer-Monsanto sponsored scientists have churned out publications suggesting that glyphosate, alone, may not be as toxic, they deliberately hide the fact that the commercial glyphosate based herbicides contain toxic adjuvants, in commercial formulations, listed as “inert”which escape the standard safety assessments done by regulatory agencies like EPA and EU regulatory agencies: Here is the evidence of their enhanced toxicity. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/322140415_Toxicity_of_formulants_and_heavy_metals_in_glyphosate-based_herbicides_and_other_pesticides .
  • These “inert adjuvants” work synergistically with the glyphosate molecule to increase its pesticidal capacity to cause harm, including killing helpful soil microorganisms and the “good bacteria” in the human gut. The ensuing imbalance in gut microfaun is directly related to a weakened immune system: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29404314/ and here: https://www.gmoscience.org/glyphosate-and-roundup-disrupt-the-gut-microbiome-by-inhibiting-the-shikimate-pathway/
  • A revisit of the horrendous effects of glyphosate on humanity cannot be concluded without mentioning that, glyphosate, also causes harm and damage to future generations by causing inheritable DNA damaging traits that cause existential fertility damage to the offspring of those exposed to glyphosate toxicity. Intergenerational sperm quality and quantity damage is the latest addition to such harm caused by glyphosate. This is published in the journal, Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-42860-0
  • To conclude this overview of glyphosate, the take home message is that you should avoid exposure to glyphosate: “You are what you eat”. Increasingly, the central role of the gut microbiome in regulating many other systems including the immune system is becoming evident. One wants to avoid any foods likely to contain glyphosate and its adjuvants, as these foods compromise the immune system: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30262901/

Finally, let us make the connection with Covid19. What is COVID-19? How does it relate to glyphosate aka Roundup resulting in a weakened immune system? Here is summary explanation: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2090123220300540

Needless to state, as earlier explained ,over 90% of COVID-19 infections “self heal” with little or no outside interventions and with little or no symptoms. This is attributed to healthy and well balanced innate immune system.

  • What kind of foods, diets and lifestyles strengthen the immune system by building and supporting the “good bacteria” and ensuring little or no glyphosate based herbicide residues(GBH)?
  • The answer is foods grown in soils that have a rich variety of healthy micro-organisms without exposure to GBH and related synthetic agrochemicals popularly described as regenerative organic soils and other agroecological farming practices: Healthy soils in turn result in health plants which in term result in a healthy gut microbiome. A healthy gut microbiome, in turn, results in a robust immune system.
  • The author of this article, Dr. Peter Mokaya, in this video, explains “food is medicine” approaches to healthy diets:
  • Going forward, we need to promote organic agroecological foods systems, not only for food security but also for improving grassroot livelihoods and as business. Agroecological food systems provide local diverse and nutrient rich foods, which include Zinc, selenium and other trace elements which boost and strengthen the immune system while at the same time “putting money in small scale farmers pockets”...one organic farmer at a time...
  • Not forgetting, Africa Organic Trade Pavilion, based in BioFach, Germany, needs to return to Africa where it's belongs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=263&v=bJK1RNgIqis&feature=emb_logo