Are you willing to be part of the new leadership in providing alternative solutions to COVID-19?

An interview with Dr. Zach Bush: Conducted by Dr. Peter Mokaya of Organic Consumers Alliance. 

Amazing we survived 2020; January, 2021 has come and is just about to disappear into the abyss of history...however, it has ushered in a “new world”...a world stunned and fearful of the disruptive changes brought about by this new virus; COVID-19;

...many unanswered questions linger in people’s minds...these include:

  • Are vaccines the only “solution” to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Are there alternative solutions to managing COVID-19...that have been neglected?
  • What is the link between the gut microbiome and immunity in COVID-19 outcomes?
  • How are nutrient rich African traditional foods(non-genetically modified and grown without synthetic agrochemicals), part of the solution to COVID-19?
  • Can we rely on the WHO to provide unbiased comprehensive solutions to COVID-19?
  • What does the future look like, if we don’t provide alternative independent leadership?
  • What is the role of African leadership in providing solutions to COVID-19?

To provide answers to these strategic questions about COVID-19 and the way forward, let us start by listening to Dr. Zach Bush MD in this interview, conducted by Dr. Peter Mokaya MD, MPH

Listen in here:

For those of you who feel inspired and wish to know more about the “neglected remedy” which is food produced using agroecological farming systems and its role in COVID-19 management, find a new simple guide book aka Barefoot Guide, written under the auspices of the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa(AFSA) which you can download for free:

The free e-book can also be downloaded from the Organic Consumers Alliance website:

So, what are the next steps?

In the coming months, the blog author, Dr. Peter Mokaya MD, intends to engage with you and share more evidence on “alternative solutions” to the COVID-19 pandemic, which, most likely, the WHO does not include in its guidelines for COVID-19 management, including prevention.

Finally, as Dr. Zach Bush advises, we, in Africa and our leadership, need to “know your data and do your math and science” To inform and provide homegrown alternative solutions to COVID-19