Is it not time to mend a broken global food system? The evidence is piling…

The month of August 2023 has manifested itself and is about to be consigned to the abyss of history. Increasingly, many people are waking up to the reality of the interconnectedness and the centrality of the current food system’s contribution to the four key crises of the 21st century, namely;

  • The climate change crisis, increasingly a ‘climate emergency’
  • The increasing loss of biodiversity and soil degradation with reduced yield and productivity
  • The deepening food insecurity directly linked to increasing poverty
  • The increasing burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including the diabetes and cancer epidermics

To do justice to the aforementioned four crises of the 21st century, one would need separate articles to provide an overview of each crisis and how these crises are linked. As an introduction to the manifestation of the ‘problem’ and the centrality of the current food system, which urgently needs fixing, here below a couple of articles that elaborate on and provide evidence based indictment on the current food system. This food system is largely owned by multinationals and corporate monopolies. These monopolies are not farmer owned and yet, they control key food production inputs which include fertilizers and seeds which ideally should be owned or part controlled by farmers or farmer owned entities.

Additionally, the same monopolies control food production and the entire value chain of the current food system. Find below a couple of related articles, with embedded evidence, demonstrating why and how the current food system is ‘poisonous’.

Now that evidence of the poisonous and toxic nature of the current food system is apparent, supported by more research evidence linking the broken food system to the emergence of climate instability, increasing food insecurity(hunger), loss of biodiversity and soil degradation, increasing poverty and the rising burden of NCDs with the accompanying negative socio-economic impacts.

  • Do we have evidence that the food system is broken and has failed? YES
  • Do we have proven alternative sustainable food systems that address and mitigate the quadruple crises, as outlined in this article? YES

Subsequent articles will focus on outlining and highlighting science backed solutions to the current broken food system that are a key contributor to the quadruple crises.

Stay tuned…till next.