Is there evidence of a link between pesticide residues contamination of soil and water with the increasing rates of cancer?

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 There is palpable fear and consternation…people are asking what is causing this sudden increase in cancer deaths? The causes are multi-factorial and associated with long term exposure to a myriad of causative factors which include environmental toxins, in general and specifically, toxic agrochemicals; these include organochoride(OCP) and organophosphate pesticides(OPP).

 What is the way forward towards addressing this public health and environmental menace?

  • Firstly, we need to ensure that policy makers, the legislators and regulatory and enforcement agencies are made aware of these linkages and the dangers that toxic pesticides, especially those banned in countries where they are manufactured: These pose grave danger and harm to the health of our soils, plants, and the citizenry.
  • Secondly, leadership, at the highest political level, needs to make the connection between these harmful pesticides and their INCREASED use, in African countries, Kenya included. Use of these pesticides will increase if GMO seed technology is adopted. Towards that end, we applaud President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda for his decision to reject the GMO technology push and instead advise a precautionary approach which recognizes the inherent risks and dangers of these biotechnologies to our environment, including our soils and our health. As part of regional advocacy, find AFSA’s letter of appreciation on the same:
  • As world citizens, who care for the future of humanity and the environment and who subscribe to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), we are obligated to continue with evidence based advocacy to create awareness among the policymakers and other stakeholders, including consumers, on the inherent dangers of reckless and increased use of these toxic agrochemicals and their links to increasing cancers.
  • Here is a link to concerned farmers demanding that some of these toxic pesticides, like glyphosate aka Roundup, be banned:

And finally, here is a link to on-going efforts being made by the author of this article to ‘add his voice” to the advocacy agenda for a safer and healthier world for all,…”leaving no one behind”.