Did you know that genetically modified foods (GMOs) and synthetic pesticides work synergistically to destroy both the external ecosystem and the internal ecosystem aka the gut microbiome? Listen to the scientific evidence…

Good people, the month of May is here and with it the skies have opened and the rains are, finally, here!

This month we share cutting edge evidence from leading trans-disciplinary experts who, through their independent research, confirm that GMOs and pesticides are UNSAFE, and  if left unchecked, they pose a real existential threat to humanity..Dr. Zach Bush estimates that, only 70 years are left before humanity becomes extinct….if we don’t change what we consume...

  • Let us start with a quote from Hippocrates:..”all disease begins and ends in the gut”… the opposite of food being “medicine” is food being “poison”…the evidence points to GMOs in combination with pesticides, doing exactly that…here below the evidence.
  • Evidence from the research findings of Zach Bush, a brilliant triple board certified physician: His research findings can only be described as shocking and revolutionary: Watch and listen to the evidence here:
  • Evidence from a former biotech scientist, Thierry Vrain, a retired Canadian GMO-Glyphosate Expert:
  • Evidence from Don Huber, an Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathologist who is a foremost expert on the dangers of GMOs and Glyphosate: He validates Zach Bush’s findings and explains how glyphosate is not only a pesticide and but also a broad spectrum antibiotic which selectively kills the “good bacteria” in the gut while allowing the growth of “bad bacteria”, like clostridium difficile, which cause disease:
  • More supportive evidence from Steffanie Seneff, an MIT computer expert and biologist, shows epidemiologically significant correlation between introduction of GMOs and increased use of glyphosate with increase of Autism and Cancers, among other chronic diseases, including increasing rates of diabetes. Listen to one of her presentations here:
  • Evidence from Shiva Ayyadurai, an award winning MIT scientist: His research findings, using computer algorithms, demonstrate that GMOs, unlike non-GMOs, accumulate formaldehyde a toxic carcinogen and further explains that the current GMO safety assessments are inadequate, exposing consumers to unsafe GMO foods:
  • Scientific prove from Judy Carman, a leading Australian public health researcher and epidemiologist, that GMOs cause gut inflammation and other dysfunctions that trigger ill heath in animals and humans:
  • And finally, we conclude with breakthrough biomedical evidence from David Perlmutter, a celebrity neurologist, on the link between the gut and the brain. Dr. Perlmutter, is the author the book “Gut brain connection” and numerous publications demonstrating the connection between human gut health; “gut microbiome” and the human brain: Watch this fascinating interview here:

Going forward, what are the safe food alternatives to replace GMOs and pesticides?

  • The answer is both simple and complex: The simple part is; Encourage, promote and mainstream agroecological and organic food production and consumption and supportive systems, including consumption of local indigenous vegetables, free from GMOs and pesticides:
  • Here is a presentation from one of the leading promoters of African Indigenous Vegetables(AIVs), demonstrating and promoting AIVs: Mary Abukutsia Onyango: