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Good People,

The month of December is here and with it comes the end of the International Year of the Soil!

Do we appreciate and understand why a whole year was set aside to think and reflect on the role of soil? Sadly, I suspect, a majority, don’t….many of us did not even know the year 2015 was dedicated to SOIL.  Here are a few reasons why soil is critically important…

The month of November, which precedes the festive season, is here and some people, including organic farmers and consumers, are concerned as to whether they should eat any meat, at all, in view of the recent announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) that some types of meat cause cancer; especially colon cancer.

This concern is bound to affect how people celebrate during this coming festive season:

For most families and consumers, meat and meat products constitute an indispensable component of the festive season food menu. In this blog article I share, with the readers, both good and bad news guided by the following questions about meat.

Debate on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) has generated heat in the country in the last weeks as proponents and opponents advance their arguments.
We would like to add our voice to the subject to further the understanding of GMOs.

Proponents of the technology have fronted Biotechnology (Bt) maize as the panacea to the perennial food challenges we face. However, the truth is Bt maize is not the solution to food insecurity. Read more...

Good people,

October is here with us again: We thank God for life, health, family, friends and materials possessions which enhance our quality of life. More on life values was covered in the previous month’s blog; article for September: For many people October heralds the first month of the last quarter of the year and therefore sends a subliminal message that year end is around the corner. For the Scorpios, it is their time to reflect and welcome a new year: a rebirth of sorts. How about you and me?

Time to start taking stock and reviewing the almost gone year. For us, at OCA,  here are a few reflections, from the past and present, that inform the coming days, weeks and months…

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Organic Consumers Alliance (OCA) focuses on promoting and creating awareness on the health benefits of consuming organic foods.

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