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What is a GMO? Did you know that once transgenic foods are introduced into the environment, there is no way of “recalling” or “retracting” them?

The Kenya Biosafety Authority (NBA), which is the institution charged with regulating the use and application of transgenic products (GMOs)  in Kenya ,including ensuring  that all risks are eliminated or minimized BEFORE any release for cultivation of transgenic products into the environment, especially those that go into the food chain for human and animal consumption.  NBA has asked for comments/feedback on the viability of allowing Bt. Maize, a GMO, for open cultivation and commercialization following an application by the Kenya Agricultural Research and Livestock Organization (KARLO) and AATF, ostensibly to solve the problem of a notorious maize pest(stem borer) with resultant reduction in the use of pesticides. Towards that end, NBA has given the public a time period, ending on the 23rd of August, 2015, to make their written submissions for consideration towards making a determination on the application.

My response to a recent blog: re: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=3446379535704334051&postID=3378088739145586662&page=1&token=1433478572669

Thanks Rose(of Blog: Rose’s Corner)  for capturing pertinent concerns regarding possible unconstitutional introduction of transgenic food into our food supply system without regard to SAFETY and HEALTH concerns as embraced in the  Precautionary Principle re: Cartagena Protocol to which Kenya is a signatory. There is mounting scientific evidence, including from WHO, to question the safety of GMOs which are genetically designed to withstand high doses of pesticides,  into the food chain, anywhere in the world, considering the fact that most of the GMOs are designed to use MORE pesticides (as opposed to the lies from biotech lobbyist to the contrary), like Glyphosate( N-phosphono-methyl glycine), an organophosphate,  a key ingredient in the most widely used pesticide/herbicide called RoundUp, patented and owned by Monsanto et al. If you need more evidence of this, just Google it!

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