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Dear OCA members & associates,

The month of May has come with the rains….may the rains be a blessing (and not a curse!) and with it all good things….

  • Our consistent and determined efforts to continue educating the public on WHY they should consume agro-ecological and organically grown foods, free from toxic pesticides, received a major boost recently: None other than the world authority in health and related matters, WHO: click here for  more http://ecowatch.com/2015/04/06/monsanto-who-glyphosate/
  • WHO has now confirmed that, in addition to all the other harmful effects of Glyphosate(Roundup pesticide/herbicide) from harming the soil, to harming plants and animals, there is sufficient scientific evidence to re-classify GLPHOSATE as a probable carcinogen, that is a CANCER causing to human as well.  Click here for more… http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanonc/article/PIIS1470-2045(15)70134-8/fulltext
  • As early as 2012, when the Seralini study was published in the Food and Chemical Toxicology journal (drawing the world’s attention to the harm from GMOs and RoundUp ready patented seeds) and retracted due to biotech pressure to hide the truth-  and later, after an apology from the publishers,  it was republished in 2014, in the Environmental Sciences Europe journal…click here for http://www.cornucopia.org/2014/06/seralini-study-toxic-effects-gmos-glyphosate-republished/
  • We have consistently tried to warn and educate YOU, our members(and the general public) on the harmful effects of consuming chemical laden/pesticide grown foods:
  • And here some key information about pesticide use that you may wish to know providing evidence that, centrally to what biotech lobyyist are misforming the public, with the advent of GMOs, there is INCREASED USE of pesticides, not less as they claim!
  • Statistics compiled by Chuck Benbrook, a research professor at Washington State University's Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources. Benbrook discovered that:
    • Overall, GE technology drove up herbicide use by 527 million pounds (about 11 percent) between 1996 (when Roundup Ready crops were initially released) and 2011
    • Herbicide use dropped by about two percent between 1996 and 1999, but shortly thereafter, as weeds began developing resistance against the chemical, application rates skyrocketed
    • Rapidly increasing weed resistance is driving up the volume of herbicide needed by about 25 percent annually. The recent approvals of 2,4-D and dicamba resistant GE crops may drive it up by another 50 percent, according to research published inEnvironmental Sciences Europe
    • In 2002, glyphosate use on Roundup Ready soybeans rose by 21 percent. Overall, American farmers increased their use of glyphosate by 19 million pounds that year
    • By 2011, farmers growing Roundup Ready crops (corn, soy, and cotton) used 24 percent more Roundup than farmers planting non-GE versions of the same crop, because by that time, glyphosate-resistance had become the norm. Farmers also began resorting to older, more toxic herbicides like 2,4-D.
    • Significantly, contrary to what the biotech lobbyist are telling the public, that these pesticides/herbicides are safe, evidence is mounting that they are HARMFUL and may be a key contributor to the increasing CHRONIC DISEASES….worldwide.


Good people of OCA,


The month of April is here with us and with it the beginning of the 2rd quarter of 2015.


Here is our “organic article “for the month of April.


The “harmless” sugar supplement called ASPARTAME…it is NOT harmless….just like Roundup is not harmless…..READ on more FACTS.


You could delve into the details here: http://www.janethull.com/healthynews/blog/2013/09/death-and-aspartame-two-words-that-should-never-go-together/


AND here…




But, i suggest you, firstly, read through my outlined information, as per bullets, below:


  • Did you know that ASPARTAME is made from E. coli poop aka “choo” ya E. Coli bacteria?
  • Did you know that most of this ASPARTAME is genetically engineered aka is a GMO?
  • Just google…the owners don’t hide it!! It is PATENTED lab material!
  • Did you know that the company that makes most of this “healthy sugar supplement” called ASPARTAME is called Monsanto aka the same company that manufactures GLPHOSATE aka Roundup?
  • Did you know that this same company made DDT and the toxic Agent Orange?
  • Did you know the same company also controls the global pesticide market?
  • Did you know they are also the leading patented SEEDS owners globally?
  • More recently, together with other biotechs, they have made a more toxic pesticide to address the “superbugs” and “superweeds” which are resistant to Roundup aka 2-4-D….
  • Did you know that Diet Coke   touted as a “health drink” is has ASPARTAME rather than the normal sugar in Coke?
  • Did you know that “normal coke “ contains between 10 to 18 spoonful’s of SUGAR aka sucrose(assuming it is African sugar and not Beetroot, from USA, which is a GMO product)
  • Now back to aspartame….did you know aspartame, the one in diet Coke, is more harmful to your health than the normal coke?
  • Studies have shown that it may be carcinogenic
  • What other common foods contain ASPARTAME? Google to find out!....MANY!
  • The list includes; Diet Coke, “Sugar Free” Chewing Gum, many Yogurts, Some Pastries,…rule of thumb: most Soft Drinks, Chewing Gum, several varieties of breakfast cereals, even some varieties of sausagesand much more!
  • You don’t believe me? Just READ for yourself….go to the internet...it is FREE!!

Dear OCA Members,

February is here and with the season for LOVERS aka Valentine!

  • One of the foods that is most exchanged and consumed is CHOCOLATE....and GUESS WHY??


  • Unfortunately, chocolate has been labelled as an unhealthy food and blamed for causing obesity and "FATNESS"....


  • I have good NEWS for you....new scientific evidence has demonstrated that chocolate, especially the DARK CHOCOLATE,  is good for your HEART and vitality, among other benefits. This is especially true if it is grown ORGANICALLY aka without pesticides and other  synthetic chemicals....

Good people of Organic Consumers Alliance (OCA),

Some of you have advised that if I keep the articles short and sweet you will read them!

I have heeded the advice: Here below is a short and sweet summary of the health benefits of consuming fermented organic foods, especially fermented vegetables aka “fermented saga “ and others…. and fermented organic-grass fed milk aka “maziwa lala”…avoid the “dead” varieties from supermarkets , including yogurt!

 They include:

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